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It’s the subject of many films and books with intrigue, sophisticated schemes and high speed chases. In reality, white collar crimes are far more common and a lot less stylish.

White collar crime has become a catch-all phrase for several types of illegal activities. The common link between all the crimes, however, is routine: the misappropriation of money by someone or some company’s employee who uses his professional position for illicit gain.

White collar crimes certainly do involve many different types of organizations and companies. Stock fraud, money laundering and insurance fraud are often mentioned as examples of white collar crime. But there are other types of white collar crime, some so complicated that many do not know that they actually exist.

The complexity of modern financial institutions allows many questionable practices to go unheeded. Even more damaging is the fact that those involved may not know that their individual role has aided an illegal transaction. For instance, in the course of a seemingly legitimate transaction, you may be one of many people who process funds without knowing the true source or destination of the money.

Allegations of abuse of your professional position are a serious matter. Even if the charges are dropped, the damage to your reputation can be irreparable.

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