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Once sentenced, probation allows you to serve your time outside of the jail. There are two types of probation: “formal probation” and “summary probation.” Of the two types, formal probation requires regular visits with a probation officer and stricter guidelines than summary (or “informal”) probation.

In either case, probation violations are a serious charge that can seriously affect your case. Since you are allowed to remain a part of the community after committing a crime, you are required (in most all cases) to stay out of trouble, appear regularly at your probation officer’s place of business, drug test and potentially perform physical labor, attend rehabilitation or engage in some other type of coursework.

Examples of probation violations include failure to appear at a scheduled meeting, engaging in illegal activity (whether arrested or not), possession of an illegal or controlled substance or violating the terms of the probation by visiting or communicating with persons as defined by the court.

Many probation violations can be averted simply by understanding the terms more clearly. Hakimfar Law may be able to successfully defend against charges of a probation violation if you contact us immediately after being told of the charges. Since an unattended charge can seriously alter the terms of your probation, dealing with the charge swiftly and with the fullest defense under the law is imperative.

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