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Personal injuries not only hurt, they hurt your wallet as well. Personal injury cases are often due to an injury caused by a company’s error in maintenance (a wet floor, incorrectly built scaffolding, etc.) or filed against a homeowner for negligence or defective safety guards (railings, decking, etc.).

While most personal injury cases are filed simply to recover medical costs and lost wages, they can sometimes become complicated and drawn out.

Hakimfar Law has the experience necessary to aggressively pursue your claim so that you can regain your lost money and put the injury behind you.

Although some small injury cases are quickly settled out of court either by individuals or their respective insurance companies. When those options fail, however, you need an attorney who can actively match the insurance company’s attempt to discredit your claim.

One of the most important things you can do when you suffer a personal injury is to immediately note your surroundings and ask basic questions. Was the floor wet? Were there warning signs in place? What was the lighting like at the time of the incident? Were there witnesses?

If you can immediately make note of these conditions and relay them to an attorney at Hakimfar Law, you have a much better foundation from which to build a claim.

You Need a Relentless Attorney to Fight for Your Rights. You Need Hakimfar Law on Your Side.

If you have suffered a personal injury, you need a skilled and aggressive attorney to make sure your rights are protected. For a free case consultation, submit your case online or call Hakimfar Law toll free at 800-276-6666.

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