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We live in a wired world. The ease of using credit and debit cards have made them essential forms of transactions for everyone. Additionally, the online marketplace makes anything available at any time with purchasing as easy as a click. ID theft is a common occurrence, and Hakimfar Law is here to help.

While this efficiency has opened new markets and changed our personal lives forever, it also brings substantial risks to those who are unaware of the dangers.

Once a rare crime, identity theft has become one of the fastest-growing crimes worldwide in a very short span of time. Perhaps it is the prevalence of online communication, or simply the ease of stealing another’s information that makes this crime commonplace. The damage it can do, however, can be devastating and pervasive.

Since our personal data is linked to almost every transaction we do, it takes little more than a few pieces of information to hijack your bank account information, credit history, and more. Although there are well-thought-out security systems in place in the most sensitive areas, they are sadly insufficient.

Every year, we hear of major retailers who have unwittingly allowed their customers’ data to be stolen. In other cases, personal records have been lost and computers were stolen.

Hakimfar Law knows how damaging this crime can be. And just how confusing the effort to correct it often is. We work with you in two ways: we assist in blocking the various financial and personal accounts from further exploitation. We then aggressively find the person or organization responsible and forcefully persecute them. Further, if the identity theft was due to lax control or inattention by a company, we explore immediate compensation and punitive damages on your behalf.

If you have been the victim of identity theft, contact Hakimfar Law today to protect your rights immediately. You can submit your case online, or call our Los Angeles office toll-free at 800-276-6666.


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