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Entrapment can occur in two ways. In the first example, a person is offered the opportunity to commit a crime by law enforcement. In the second, the would-be-criminal is actively enticed to commit the crime by a “person of authority” such as a law enforcement officer.

Using entrapment in defending against a violation is a complicated and detailed endeavor. Many factors must be analyzed in order to determine if entrapment has indeed occurred and what are the best ways to defend against it.

Historically, entrapment has been defined by two tests. These are the “subjective test” and the “objective test.”

In general, the subjective test focuses on the individual’s previous behaviors. If that person was not “predisposed” to commit the crime in question or has no history of doing so, entrapment can be claimed.

The objective test, however, asks whether or not the action of the authorities created an opportunity for the individual to commit a crime that they normally would not have committed.

Both tests are used on a state level and vary by jurisdiction. Claiming entrapment is not a simple tactic. Hakimfar Law has the experience in, and knowledge of, determining which defense is needed and which would be the most effective for your particular case.

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