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Embezzlement is defined as “purposefully appropriating or secreting funds that are entrusted to the individual and the conversion of those funds to obscure their origin.” This is an important definition as it varies from the definition of larceny which is punishable by simply possessing the stolen funds.

Most embezzlement charges are brought when an individual within a company or organization steals funds from that organization and proceeds to conceal the fact. Embezzlement charges can range from petty (small amounts of cash) to large and organized schemes where large amounts of funds are embezzled.

Hakimfar Law is experienced in defending individuals against charges of embezzlement in Los Angeles County. With a skilled defense, many cases can be dismissed before they reach trial. This often entails a large amount of research and discovery of facts in order to protect you from these charges.

Often, an individual will be identified as assisting the embezzlement merely by being present or having general knowledge of the organization or company. By executing extensive research, interviewing witnesses and analyzing the structure of the company, Hakimfar Law can get to the bottom of a complicated legal charge.

Depending upon the scope of the accused embezzlement and the charged person’s intent, punishment for embezzlement can vary widely. If the accused pleads guilty and accepts responsibility, the court may assign probation and community service and a reduced jail sentence.

Hakimfar Law forcefully defends those accused of embezzlement. We work with the courts to seek alternatives to incarceration and often are able to gain a reduced sentence — or no jail time in some cases.

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