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People face a number of issues as they grow into old age, and elder abuse could sadly be one of them. Their once strong bodies begin to slow down, their senses can dull and they may lose the ability to see, hear and speak as well as they once did. They often lose mobility and face other physical challenges. Their minds may not be as sharp as their brains age, and some individuals may face the onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other conditions that affect their memories and ability to process information.

For these and many other reasons, the elderly can become targets of those around them. Those who are responsible for with caring for them sometimes take advantage of the situation and victimize those they are supposed to protect. This may include spouses, family members, caretakers and neighbors. The elderly are often taken advantage of for financial gain or other unpleasant reasons.

Elder abuse is defined as any kind of financial, physical or emotional abuse. The laws covering elderly abuse also include the withholding of care by family members or a care facility. Some of the crimes, which elder abuse laws try to protect against, include:

  • Abandonment
  • Neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect
  • Permitting self-neglect
  • Financial abuse
  • Caretaker fraud
  • And others

With elder abuse cases, common issues may come up, for example loss of money, property theft, threats, inexplicable injuries, and legal issues. Abuse can occur can occur in one’s own home, a rest home, nursing home, convalescent facility, hospital or independent living facility. Family estrangement or others situations may increase a senior’s isolation and susceptibility to abuse.

Successfully Defending and Protecting the Rights and Interests of the Aging and Their Families

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