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The State of California does not care what drug you possess, it cares about what you plan on doing with it and how much there is.

All drugs that are classified by the State of California as “controlled substances” are illegal to possess. No matter their street name or use, California’s drug laws are tough and complicated. Examples of controlled substances are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, LSD, GHB and other common party drugs.

Although the law does not discriminate on what type of drug you like, it does define its enforcement on two things: how much you have and what you intend to do with it.

The most common (and least offensive to the law) charge is being under the influence (high) of a controlled substance. Possession of small amounts of the drug for personal use and being under the influence often earn the offender lenient outcomes. 90 days minimum jail time or work furlough, fines, three-year probation and Narcotics Anonymous attendance being the usual outcome.

There are options that Hakimfar Law can offer.

First-time offenders for under the influence and possession cases can participate in a “drug diversion” program. This option affords the defendant to plead guilty and the chance to participate in a three-month drug education class. Successful completion of the program and no other crimes (including drug charges) for 18 months results in the charges being dropped and expunged from your record.

Even first-time charges of possession and transportation of larger amounts of controlled substances result in almost uniform sentencing. Jail time, often in a state prison, is likely. Courts do have some discretion based upon the role you have played in trafficking the drugs. If you were unknowingly carrying drugs or were acting as a “mule,” the courts may look more leniently upon your offense.

Full participation in any organized transportation or distribution scheme is the most punishable by severe measures. Mandatory jail time, additional charges of conspiracy and multiple counts of intent to sell can result. Hakimfar Law is determined to finding the best way to defend you from the potential penalties of drug charges.

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