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Domestic violence charges can be serious and difficult to understand, which is why Hakimfar Law gets your case through the courts quickly while aggressively getting your case dismissed. Often, charges of domestic violence are used as a legal tool to discredit or defame a spouse when a couple is divorcing or attempting to determine custody. These cases are often dismissed if the charge of domestic violence is deemed to be an attack of the accused. It is important to note that due to the emotionally charged nature of this accusation, a clear understanding of what has occurred is difficult to obtain. Sometimes the person accused of a domestic claim is attempting to defend themselves from an attack. It is also important to know that physical and verbal violence can occur to and be done by both sexes. Due to the personal nature of domestic violence charges, it is important that Hakimfar Law is contacted as soon as the charges are made. Often, personal distress can lead to unclear memories or overwhelming emotions. We can assist in getting to the facts quickly with your particular legal case in mind. Hakimfar Law will present the most effective defense against domestic violence charges. Witnesses are often needed in these cases and we can approach those individuals with the discretion and privacy that you require. Domestic charges are some of the most serious charges against you. The potential for lifelong damage is high and the process is arduous. Hakimfar Law has the experience to aggressively defend our clients against charges of domestic violence. If you are facing domestic violence charges, submit your case online to Hakimfar Law or call us toll free at 800-276-6666 for an immediate free case consultation.

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