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Finding a business litigation attorney that fits your business needs can be an exhausting search. Hakimfar Law partners with you to make sure that your legal needs are addressed quickly, correctly and with force.

There are multiple cases that require legal assistance. Employment law is an important issue that could expose your business to liability. Hakimfar Law makes sure that your employees are respected and that their employment is legal and transparent. Keeping you abreast of the changing employment laws allows you to know that you are well within the law, even as that law changes.

Hakimfar Law’s strong area of expertise in real estate law lets you grow your company without getting entangled in the complicated process of buying or selling property.

Although business ventures are formed with the best intentions, they can become contentious. Hakimfar Law is well versed comprehensive business litigation both externally and internally. Our philosophy is to prevent a legal matter from escalating from bad to worse. Working with the vested parties, we seek to mitigate any exposure and bring an amicable resolution to the matter.

Technology has changed the way we do business permanently. Clicks of a mouse can transfer millions of dollars, ideas, trade secrets and intellectual property.

With such open ended exposure, business litigation requires more diligence and savvy than in years previous. Under such challenging requirements, Hakimfar Law can confidently guide you through the details while allowing you to keep an eye on the larger picture.

Hakimfar Law’s experience covers several important issues presented by the changing economy. Digital rights maintenance (DRM) covers a wide spectrum of issues that companies cannot afford to ignore. When intellectual property can be transferred at the push of a button, how do you maintain your ownership? Similarly, employees now have the ability to anonymously transmit revenue figures, industrial secrets and patented processes.

How you respond to these threats very well might determine how your business survives into the next decade.

Traditional business concerns, such as breach of contract, copyright infringement and employee misconduct all take on new complexities when presented in today’s digital world.

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