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Traumatic Brain Injury (also known as “TBI”) is the result of violence to the brain due to rapid deceleration, acceleration, violence or an object entering the brain. Essentially, TBI occurs when the brain is moved violently within the cranium. As it pushes against the wall of the skull, tissue damage and bleeding occur.

Many cases of TBI can occur as the result of a car accident, a fall, violent shaking or the head striking a hard surface with sufficient force.

The results are serious and life-threatening. Even slight damage can cause a host of serious mental and physical problems.

Symptoms of TBI are varied. They include persistent headaches, muscle tics, unevenly dilated pupils, aphasia (a difficulty with words) and much more.

Unfortunately, the damages done are difficult to detect even with the most advanced medical technology. And the costs of these tests and attendant medical care can be extraordinary.

Hakimfar Law will forcefully pursue litigation to recover medical expenses and loss wages. When such a serious occurs, insurance companies will actively try to a void paying such a claim. You need, and deserve, the same level of legal intelligence. Hakimfar Law provides the expertise that will allow you to recover and regain your independence.

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