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With one of the most active nightclub and bar scenes in California and the United States, Los Angeles also has some of the highest instances of injuries stemming from bar and club fights, as well as other incidents on the premises.  Sadly, many of the victims in these fights are innocent bystanders or people who have been hurt by fanatical bouncers and negligent club security guards. If you have been hurt, be aware about your options.

Unfortunately, it is now commonplace to have bar and nightclub fights, inadequate security, assaults, and batteries by security personnel, and other related incidents.  These have been prominent throughout the California community, especially in the Los Angeles bar and club scene.  Frequently, people are injured because of inadequate or improper security at these establishments.

Every business must follow certain procedures when opening its doors to the public in Los Angeles.  For example, bar and club owners have a duty to protect its patrons from violent acts, such as assaults, batteries, and other conduct by their employees and third parties.  In fact, bars and clubs are often required to identify fights before they occur in order to prevent the injuries that may inevitably occur as a result.  Under certain circumstances, a business owner may also be liable for violent acts that occur outside of their establishment.

At Hakimfar Law, we represent clients in Los Angeles and throughout California who have been injured in nightclub accidents, bar fights, and other incidents.  The owners of these bars and clubs have the duty to keep their patrons safe.  When such incidents and injuries occur, these owners may be held liable for compensating victims under California’s laws of premises liability.

Bar and nightclub owners need to be prepared for if and when fights break out in their establishments, since the combination of large crowds of people and alcohol easily leads to fights, accidents, and other problems.  Bars and clubs often have inadequate security to deal with these problems, which results in more serious injuries than would otherwise happen.  It is also common to have overzealous bouncers and negligent nightclub security use excessive force and actually escalate fights.  It is also not unusual to see security become participants or provokers in these altercations.

At Hakimfar Law, we closely examine the history of the bar or club, speak with witnesses, review police reports and investigate all other aspects of the incident in order to clearly determine what took place and what, if anything, was done to prevent the incident from occurring in the first place. We have also represented people injured caused by negligence, as the result of slip and fall, victims of drunk driving accidents, as well as other accidents caused by the over-serving of bar patrons.

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